Control of gastroesophageal reflux in infants


In this part of the control procedures and reducing reflux symptoms without the use of drugs in mild reflux consider that it is necessary for all neonates and infants with gastroesophageal reflux agitation web to reduce the symptoms of pain and to minimize the complications of reflux stomach acid into the esophagus and throat considered.


Control gastroesophageal reflux


The following issues related to gastroesophageal reflux in babies and infants it is necessary that we refer to measures to reduce the symptoms observed in patients and injuries caused by the disorder and help is needed.


Since the prime mover in the creation of all ages gorge reflux and excessive consumption of milk and food, and people with severe burning sensation in the throat due to the direction neutralize the acid reflux into the throat tend to eat regular milk show and always hungry and wants milk seem so, it is important to control the amount of milk fed to newborn babies breast-feeding so that it is necessary and many times he with a low volume be considered and mother reducing time-to-child breastfeeding and breastfeeding with low intervals or if formula-fed infants with less milk per serving than the standard value, and on the other hand reducing distances and lactation in feeding small amounts more frequently replace the overeating in children.


 reform and the sleeping baby is very important to prevent reflux of stomach acid into the mouth and lungs are necessary so infants on a firm surface and sloping recommended to be marinated if the baby's head above the chest underparts he is (gentle slope 30 degrees) for this purpose latex mattresses and pillows under it have been that hard to create the gentle slope is recommended, it should be noted for these infants should use a pillow under head and pillow should be placed under the mattress so that the baby's head is part above the legs. Use a firm mattress for the baby lay prone on his stomach provides conditions.

* برای تماس با دکتر بهروز مقدادی 74471111-021 را شماره گیری کرده و سپس کد 7243 را وارد نمایید. (توضیحات بیشتر در پروفایل دکتر مقدادی در سامانه رسا )

As the baby just slept in the abdomen or neck feel relaxed and kept standing in the supine position or on flat surfaces or soft exacerbation of GERD and, finally, "are Ybqrary The baby laying on belly in levels when the mother is alert and McKenna stiff or lay on your left side can be effective in the sense of relaxation and pain reduction in infants.


avoiding dairy cow and beef infants allergic to cow's milk protein due to high association with reflux and reflux avoiding triggers such as tomatoes, chocolate, coffee, spices, spicy and smoking by the mother in pain reduction and restless infant and often necessary.


 Because infants with persistent stuffy nose often, occasionally coughing, closing the tear ducts, cat eyes and Zs·h are, in fact, in most cases it Rsnd.prhyz cold taking cold medicines, continuous massage tear ducts , clean eyes with cotton soaked in tea or consuming Finn nasal spray after cleaning with the help moisturize the nasal mist and spray the hot salt is necessary and very important.


 infants with swallowing acid to reduce pain in the throat and a great desire to eat fingers and your wrist or using a pacifier, so according to the sedative effect of these it is recommended to be a dummy of the baby to the fingers or sucking the baby be taken to prevent overeating.



Because newborns and infants with gastroesophageal reflux withstand extreme hot environments and are not covered and covered in case of extreme exposure to heat and are extremely restless and uneasy to strictly observe the proper temperature of the room (24 Santygra of up to 26 the ), avoiding joints and the use of appropriate clothing and not using cooling blankets he is effective in reducing agitation.


infants with reflux tend to eat before 6 months of age and usually "awake and alert early in the fourth month of getting breast or bottle can be avoided, and sometimes only when they sleep. So milk gaining weight and good in the fourth month of the concerns and complaints of parents are poor feeding, so in these cases it is better to start feeding the auxiliary doctor's supervision before considered the sixth month, and eating symptoms are due to the start of reflux claims resulting from significantly reduced.


 Because the babies exposed to injuries caused by the arrival of the acidic content of the stomach to the mouth, larynx and trachea are so poor oral hygiene and clean the baby's mouth and feeding equipment such as Srshyshh, pacifiers, spoons of food and even protect the mother's nipples special importance is.


 Use frequent and vitamins, especially vitamins A and D and as much direct sunlight to reduce the incidence of laryngeal and soft iron drop since the beginning of the fifth month of the baby's doctor should attributable Banzr.


It should be noted at the end of the debate know the cases cited by the doctor in all newborns and infants with gastroesophageal reflux ranging from mild to severe, with or without the use of prescription drugs can reduce the symptoms for pain control and irritability in children is effective and more articles updated Meghdadi doctor will be referred to drug treatment for reflux.


dr.behrouz meghdadi


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