Gastroesophageal reflux acid and subsequently "Vanai, Lorestan larynx causes respiratory symptoms in newborns and infants is, not only in infancy but throughout childhood and even adulthood visible and sometimes irreversible. Therefore, understanding the symptoms and control of field its (gastroesophageal reflux) is of particular importance.


Respiratory symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux


A continuation of the stomach Yflaks newborns and infants is required in this patient repeatedly referred to us as "reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus, and the addition of milk and eaten food containing significant quantities of acid are also infants Therefore, and children who have gastric reflux is severe enough that the contents of the upper esophagus and eventually "larynx and trachea are subject to damage from reflux in the upper and lower respiratory tract symptoms Mygyrnd.ayn first hours of birth to end of the period and given the severity of reflux in children can be caused by mild to severe or life-threatening in rare cases still is.


Some of the most common symptoms are listed as discussed below.


 In the most serious complication, which fortunately been observed in very few cases of reflux grade so that a large volume of stomach contents into the throat and then suddenly trachea and lungs and cause choking infant or infant sleep time or immediately after milking is completed . Obviously observe the safety status of breast-feeding the baby, lying on the side of breastfeeding for mother, baby sleep on hard mattresses and anti-reflux condition (the ramp with a gentle angle of thirty degrees and so the higher side of the chest and abdomen be) and maintain composure when faced with the onset of vomiting infants will prevent this complication.


nasal congestion and chills permanent neonatal or infant that does not fix the nose with a clean and open.

* برای تماس با دکتر بهروز مقدادی 74471111-021 را شماره گیری کرده و سپس کد 7243 را وارد نمایید. (توضیحات بیشتر در پروفایل دکتر مقدادی در سامانه رسا )

 individual coughs are accompanied with a frowned face when coughing baby.


incessant sneezing and sometimes leaving small amounts of milk from the baby's nose.


wheezing while feeding or sleeping, especially when the baby is laid on a smooth surface.


feel the vibration of the chest baby while breastfeeding an infant .


Long hiccups that leads to cough sputum.


 breathing with an open mouth at bedtime with or without loss of water from the mouth.


 Frequent attacks of pneumonia in newborn infants requiring medical treatmentl.


 nighttime cough that often accompany chronic and recurrent pain in an infant is waking up.


Severe cough or laugh or cry, shaking an infant.


shortness of breath and chronic cough during infancy and childhood is often confused with asthma, childhood asthma and bronchitis and many of these children are treated well and without recognition and control the underlying cause of (reflux) response not good.


 Frequent attacks of hoarseness or voice changes that are similar to symptoms of croup sometimes mistakenly treated for croup are caused by viral infections and short distances again


In the absence of control due to frequent injuries and long-term reflux of stomach acid in patients with soft larynx and trachea by damage to the larynx and vocal cords, and the wheezing throat sound change permanent.


Because milk power supply is suitable for microbial growth and tap into the lungs in newborns and infants, small amounts can cause lung infections or so-called "pneumonia among patients.


  In the end, however, repeated mild but permanent injuries caused by acidic stomach contents entering the lungs can cause bronchitis and asthma in childhood and adolescence will be stable, however, due to the injuries accurate and timely control of gastroesophageal reflux not only loss of gastrointestinal symptoms in newborns and infants, but also a very important role in preventing lung injury and subsequent overdose of drugs and bronchial inhalers and limitations of childhood and adolescence will be opening.


In the following articles updated Meghdadi doctor to discuss further review of Pediatrics.

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